What to Expect on a Sunday at Zion

Sunday Morning

We worship at 9am every Sunday morning.


Dinner Church
We worship at 6pm on the first Wednesday of the month at Hong Kong Buffet in Etters.  Please bring cash as you are able to cover your meal/tip.
 It's casual, with scripture, prayer and communion. Don't worry you won't be asked to prayer out loud or take communion if you aren't comfortable with that.  We typically don't sing at Dinner Church. While not necessary, you can email us at zion.etters.news@gmail.com to let us know you're coming and we can watch for you or just drop by.


Worship Service
Our Sunday morning worship service is liturgical (folks find the order and style of worship similar to Roman Catholic Mass). We gather to experience God’s grace and we practice living in God's love - so that we better know how to live in God's love in our daily lives. We sing hymns, pray together, confess our sins, hear the stories of the Bible, and hear a sermon. 

We have communion weekly. All are welcome at communion. 


Children in Worship
Children have a central place in worship. Children of all ages are encouraged to take part in the service through a children's sermon and other activities throughout the worship service. We do have a special worship area at the front of the worship space for children 0-2 and their caretakers. 


Sense of Community
After worship, we catch up with each other over a cup of coffee. Zion is a community rooted in God's love. It is a place where people know each other’s names and friendships are nurtured through fellowship opportunities for all ages, monthly bible study, and a homebound communion ministr. We keep in touch virtually through sermons posted onlineFacebook, Twitter, and weekly emails. It is a place where questions are encouraged, not because we have the answers but because everyone wonders about the mysteries of faith.  

Faith Formation

From 10:30-11:30am during the school year, we have Faith Formation for all ages. The first Sunday of each month we hold G.I.F.T., Growing in Faith Together, a time when all generations gather and learn together.