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Would you like to tinker around in your faith these days leading up to Easter? Would you like to notice God more often?


Click on the links below each week in Lent for Bible passages, 15 minute Bible studies and opportunities for individuals and families to explore faith together or alone.   


Click here for a printable Lenten Calendar. 

Click here for a printable version of the Bible passages and Bible Studies.

Click here for a printable list of supplies needed for The Fun Stuff for Individuals and Families.

The Lent Box Weekly How To


Week 1 (Wednesday February 10-Sunday February 14)


Week 2 (Monday February 15-Sunday February 21)


Week 3 (Monday February 22-Sunday February 28)


Week 4 (Monday February 29-Sunday March 6)


Week 5 (Monday March 7-Sunday March 13)


Week 6 (Monday March 14-Sunday March 20)


Week 7 (Monday March 21-Sunday March 27)


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