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Fun Stuff for Individuals

      Purple is the color of Lent. Find some books in your stash with purple bindings or other decorative items and create a Lenten area on your bookshelf or a table centerpiece.


    Hide stars for yourself to find this week.  Cut stars out of magazines or pretty paper.  Draw stars on stiff paper and cut them out.  Imagine Abraham's delight and delight in finding your creations this week!

15 Minute Bible Study

Fun Stuff for Families and kids

     Two more I SPYs!! One for Holy Week.  Find it here!  And one for Easter.  Find it here!


      God promised Abraham descendants numbering the stars.  Play around with sidewalk chalk or regular chalk this week.  See how many stars you can fit on a piece of black construction paper or a chalkboard at home.  Supply note: black construction paper or chalkboard and chalk

Week 7 - Holy Week

Bible passages

Especially for kids: v 11-18

15 Minute Bible Study

Read Isaiah 65.17-25, which is the alternate first reading for today.  It is an image of life on the “mountain of the Lord.”  Read the following Scripture and keep track of some other things that have happened on mountains: Genesis 8.4, Genesis 22.2, Exodus 3.1, Exodus 19.3,

2 Kings 6.17, Psalm 46, Isaiah 11.9 and 25.6, Matthew 4.8 and 5.1 and 17.1, Revelation 21.10.  Life on God’s mountain begins with just a crack on a hillside, this Easter morning.



Fun Stuff for Individuals

     Holy Week is an emotional week.  Be gentle with yourself - schedule three fifteen minute opportunities for quiet this week.  Cozy up in your favorite chair, take a walk, turn the radio off in the car.  Give yourself time to experience all the emotions of this walk with Jesus from death to life.


    Make a list of the mountains you have climbed both literally and figuratively.  Have they been lifegiving experiences for you?  Why or why not?  Write about your experiences in a journal or share with a trusted friend or family member.

Fun Stuff for Families and kids









     Explore Holy Week and Easter with a Holy Week and Easter I spy - Search and Find!   


      Take a prayer walk or drive through your neighborhood.  What around you do you want to give thanks for?  What around you needs prayer?  Make a list and pray it throughout the week - or pray on the spot!

Especially for kids: v 5

Especially for kids: ch 19, v 5

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