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15 Minute Bible Study

Fun Stuff for Individuals

      Purple is the color of Lent. Find some books in your stash with purple bindings or other decorative items and create a Lenten area on your bookshelf or a table centerpiece.


    Hide stars for yourself to find this week.  Cut stars out of magazines or pretty paper.  Draw stars on stiff paper and cut them out.  Imagine Abraham's delight and delight in finding your creations this week!

Fun Stuff for Families and kids

     Read the Bible passages together as a family - ask everyone - even young children to choose their favorite words.  Using this grid (or make your own - it's especially fun to play on a large scale with one post-it per letter!) help one another to fill the entire board with the words - linking them as you would a crossword puzzle or in a game of scrabble.


      God promised Abraham descendants numbering the stars.  Play around with sidewalk chalk or regular chalk this week.  See how many stars you can fit on a piece of black construction paper or a chalkboard at home.  Supply note: black construction paper or chalkboard and chalk

Week 5

Week 5

Bible passages

Especially for kids: v 2

Fun Stuff for Individuals

       Make some

potpourri for your

home.  Follow your

favorite recipe,

search Pinterest,

or use the recipes to


What scents are 

sentimental for you?



     Mary gave Jesus a

lavish gift, can you 

give an extravagent

gift of some type this




15 Minute Bible Study

The perfume, nard, is only mentioned in Mark and John in connection with the anointing story and in Song of Songs (1.12-13, 4.13-14 – the Bible’s erotic poetry section…).  Look up those references.  Notice how it occurs with myrrh – one of the gifts of the Magi, but also a burial spice (John 19.39) and a pain killer (Mark 15.23).    Jesus is being dead serious when he says that Mary has done this to prepare him for his burial but also serious in knowing that this was an act of pure love and devotion.

Fun Stuff for Families and kids

     Open a bag of

pretzels, make your 

own, or heat up some

premade soft

pretzels.  The shape 

of pretzels remind us

of arms crossed in 

prayer.  Cross your 

arms over your body

and ask God to bless and keep you. (supply note: pretzels of your choice)


      Play this scribble game together.  Can you turn each other's scribbles into a scene or component from this reading?  (supply note: paper and pencil or pen)

Especially for kids: v 3

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