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Week 3

Bible passages

15 Minute Bible Study

“The waters” is an unusual phrase in the Bible.  What is Isaiah up to in using it here?  Look up the following passages and make a list of what “the waters” represents in each: Genesis 1.2, Genesis 6.17, Exodus 14.21-22, Joshua 3.13, 2 Samuel 22.17, Psalm 29.3, Psalm 46.3, Isaiah 43.2, 16.  God is calling people not just to drink but back to the story of creation and exodus, to the renewal of all things.

Fun Stuff for Individuals

      Drink only water today.  Give thanks for the ease in which you received the water and the cleanliness of it.


     Watercolor with to your favorite music.  Make marks in time with the music.  Imagine what the music would look like in color. (supply notes: watercolor, water color paper)

Fun Stuff for Families and kids











      Read the first verse of the Isaiah passage.  Check out this I Spy search and find on Baptism.  What things can you find that need water to live?


     Have some fun with water this week with these two experiements.  Check out this fun ocean in a bottle activity and this rain in a jar activity.  (Supply notes:  ocean: oil, blue food coloring, large clear jug with lid; rain: glass jar, paper plate or bowl, ice)

Especially for kids: v 1

Especially for kids: v 25-26

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