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Week 2

15 Minute Bible Study

The Hebrew of the Old Testament normally uses the phrase “cut a covenant” which gets papered over in translation to just “make a covenant.”  Put this is not just euphemism, as we see in the story about Abraham.  Abraham has to do a lot of cutting to get ready to make this covenant with God.  Read Jeremiah 34:18-20 to see the results of breaking another similar covenant.  What is striking in the Abraham passage though is that only the fire pot and flaming torch pass between the pieces.  God takes the covenant entirely on Godself.  Abraham simply witnesses it.  He is not responsible for executing it; God is.  Abraham’s faith was reckoned to him as righteousness (vs. 6).

Fun Stuff for Individuals

     Purple is the

color of Lent. Find

some books in your

stash with purple

bindings or other

decorative items

and create a Lenten

area on your

bookshelf or a table




Fun Stuff for Families and kids

     Read the Bible passages

together as a family - ask

everyone - even young children

to choose their favorite words.  

Using this grid (or make your

own - it's especially fun to

play on a large scale with

one post-it per letter!) help

one another to fill the entire

board with the words - linking them as you would a crossword puzzle or in a game of scrabble. Supply note: post its or grid


      God promised Abraham descendants numbering the stars.  Play around with sidewalk chalk or regular chalk this week.  See how many stars you can fit on a piece of black construction paper or a chalkboard at home.  Supply note: black construction paper or chalkboard and chalk

Especially for kids: v.5

Especially for kids: v.29

      Hide stars for yourself or your family or friends to find this week.  Cut stars out of magazines or pretty paper.  Draw stars and cut them out.  Imagine Abraham's delight and delight in finding your creations this     week! Supply note: pretty paper,     magazines, washi tape, and/or markers

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