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Week 1

15 Minute Bible Study

Look at the Deuteronomy reading carefully and notice all of the possessive adjectives (ours, mine, your, etc.).  God is often described in Scripture as the God of someone (18 times as the God of Abraham!).  Look up Matthew 22.32 and Ephesians 1.17.  Who is God the God of there?  Look up the last words of the Church, recorded in Revelation 19.6-8.  Whose God is it there?

Fun Stuff for Individuals

      Pray the Bible and your heart.  Print this graphic for guidance.  (if you need help check out a blog post here on how to pray in this way - scroll down about half way for the instructions).  Use a Bible verse from one of the Bible passages above.  (Supply note: you might want colored pencils or markers!)  


     Create a cross with burnt matches.  As you (carefully!) burn the matches, (gently) remind yourself that you are dust and to dust you shall return.  Imagine each match as an aspect of your sinfulness.   Directions for creating the cross are hereTemplate is here.  (Want to make a smaller cross?  Cut the bottom of the template a the same length as the arms of the cross.)  (Supply note: you'll need glue, cardstock, soda tab and wooden matches)

Fun Stuff for Families and kids

     Lent I SPY!  

Oh my!  Click here

to explore Lent with

an I SPY search 

and find and poem.



Deuteronomy 26.1-11

Focus on v 2.

Create a fruit salad

and drizzle a bit of

honey over it.  

What do you taste,

smell, think of when you eat this fruit salad? (Supply note: fruit and honey)

Especially for kids: v.2

Especially for kids: v.15

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