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If you are going to be using any of the Fun Stuff for Individuals and Families check out the supply list here.  Give yourself the gift of being ready for action every week!  Hey - and you can call your box of stuff - Your Lent Box!

How to

Bible passages

The bible passages are chosen from the Daily Lectionary and are preparing us for the upcoming Sunday. When you are reading them with children - think about how much listening/reading they can handle.  Read only the key verses noted for kids if necessary. (v. = verse, verses are indicated by the small numbers in the text.)

15 Minute Bible Study


Thanks to Ben Leese for creating these short Bible studies.  You can use the links and study online - or you can break out your bound Bible and flip from book to book.

Fun Stuff for Individuals


These options are curated with adults in mind who may want something to do on their own or with another adult.  If something is not your speed - skip it, modify it, or (gasp!) make up something!  Oh and these aren't all particularly churchy things.  But if we trust that God is all around us - and we do something in that spirit, we might just find God where we didn't expect God to be.  And I don't know about you - but seeing God all around me (and slowing down enough to notice God) is a skill I always need to work on.

Fun Stuff for Families and kids


These options are curated with families with children of all ages in mind.  If you've got teens you may want to look at the ideas for individuals.  Allowing children to explore the Bible readings and the season of Lent and Holy Week is the objective.  Dont worry about if they "get it," instead help them engage with it! 

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